The Session’s primary responsibilities are to support and supervise the work of the church and assure appropriate stewardship of resources. Ruling Elders (members who are called to serve on the Session) are elected each year in September and serve three-year terms. Teaching Elders (our ordained clergy) also sit on the Session. 


The Deacon’s primary responsibility is to support and supervise the caring ministries of the church.  Deacons are nominated each year in January and serve a two-year term.  Our associate pastor also serves on the Diaconate.

Board of Deacons, Class of 2024

Erin Cook 

Bob Cushman 

David Kinsey 

Kim Overcash 

Alice Tyler 

David Weeks

Board of Deacons, Class of 2025

Michael Choren

Richard Franseen

Susan Hicks

Marge Kruse

Tom Massey

Crystal Myers