Meet Our Staff

Dr. Matt Brown

As pastor, Dr. Matt Brown is centered on the core tasks of ministry: preaching, teaching and pastoral care.

A gifted writer and speaker, Matt leads SMPC with grace, humility, a profound knowledge of Scriptures and a quick wit.

Dr. Whitney Bayer
Associate Pastor

Dr. Whitney Bayer, associate pastor, is responsible for the care needs of the congregation.

Working closely with the Board of Deacons she guides others along their own faith journey with compassion, sincerity, and authenticity.  

Rev. Lindsey Odom
Associate Pastor of Youth and Missions/Outreach

As associate pastor of youth and missions/outreach, Rev. Lindsey Odom develops, oversees, and leads our youth ministry programs and missions/outreach ministry.

Zach Bowyer
Director of Music and

Zach Bowyer, director of music and organist, serves as the musical leader of our vocal and handbell choirs, as well as for our congregation. He finds the most joy in leading God’s people - whether they be in our choirs, handbell ensembles, or congregation - in exuberant praise and joyful song.

Rebecca Guzman
Director of
Spiritual Formation

Rebecca Guzman serves as our director of spiritual formation and is responsible for developing and implementing our faith formation programs for adults and children.

Nancy Metzler
Director of
Hospitality and Connection

Nancy Metzler, director of hospitality and connection, is responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere at SMPC that encourages new membership and promotes membership connection, assimilation, and engagement. 

Cheryl Perry
Director of

Cheryl Perry, director of communications, is responsible for all our church messaging and communications. Cheryl uses stories, images, and videos to help tell the church’s story, which she sees as spreading the light of Christ to others.


Steve Stevenson
Facility Administrator

Steve Stevenson, facility administrator, is responsible for maintenance and security on the SMPC campus, including the buildings, parking lot, and ballfield, and for maintaining the Church calendar and scheduling events.

Tammy Winchip
SMPC Preschool Director

SMPC Preschool Director Tammy Winchip supports parents, staff and students as they grow and learn at preschool. Tammy knows how vital the first five years of life are to every child’s physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development.

Mary Katheryne Zagora
Financial Administrator and
Office Manager

Mary Katheryne Zagora, financial administrator and office manager maintains the church’s bookkeeping and ensures the office is running smoothly.

Church Dog

Cassie Odom, our friendly church dog, is a three-year-old miniature golden doodle. Her hu-mom, Lindsey Odom, is associate pastor of youth and missions/outreadch. We are so lucky to have Cassie in our church office almost daily!