Wedding Policy and Procedures

Please read this guide carefully. It is the responsibility of the wedding families to communicate these policies to all members of the wedding party, florists, photographers, videographers, and any others involved in the wedding.

The Celebration of Christian marriage is an occasion of great joy and excitement, and, at the same time, of great significance and reverence. The marriage ceremony is a service of worship, centering on the deep joyful love between two people, the supporting love of families and friends, and the all-encompassing love of God. For the wedding couple, it is a moment of deepest commitment, both to God and to each other.

South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church is happy to be part of this experience and eager to make your wedding memorable and beautiful. The beauty of the wedding lies not in the elaborateness of the ceremony, but in the sincerity and devotion of those who take part. We wish to provide an environment conducive to the genuine celebration of your marriage.

The facilities of the church are available for weddings of members of the church family. This means that the wedding couple or their parents or grandparents are participating members in the life of the church.

Use the Wedding Ceremony Request Form to contact the SMPC Office Administrator to schedule your wedding at SMPC.

Non-member weddings must be approved by the minister and the Session of the church.

Wedding participants are expected to respect the spirit and intent of the wedding policies of South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church as set forth in this guide. Procedures in this policy have been established by the Session to provide guidance in planning your wedding. The minister and church staff are available to assist in developing your plans, and our Wedding Director will work with you and function as your liaison to the church.

SMPC follows these guidelines under the direction of the Session, ministers, church staff and the Wedding Director.


The SMPC Ministers are in charge of all weddings held in the church. If you desire that a minister from another church assist in or perform the ceremony, the Senior Minister of SMPC must be consulted. The Session will then decide if such an invitation is appropriate.

Generally, the couple will meet with the SMPC Minister three times prior to the wedding.

Appointments for meetings/counseling sessions with the Minister should be made once the wedding date has been confirmed. Sessions should begin at least three months prior to the wedding. Only the SMPC Minister can waive or change the number of counseling sessions. If the couple desires communion to be part of the wedding service, communion must be served to the wedding party and all guests.

The Office Administrator, Mary Katheryne Zagora, is responsible for scheduling the date of the wedding. To secure a wedding date on the church calendar, the Wedding Ceremony Request Form must be completed and submitted via the church website.

Upon receipt of the Wedding Ceremony Request Form, the Office Administrator will clear the wedding date and time with the requested Minister, Director of Music, SMPC Sound Technician and Wedding Director before placing the date on the church calendar. Weddings should be scheduled at least three months prior to the desired wedding date.

The Office Administrator, Mary Katheryne Zagora, may be contacted at 980-265-2840.

Once the wedding date has been confirmed and placed on the church calendar, the wedding couple should personally contact the Director of Music, Zach Bowyer to discuss the wedding music and the musicians desired. A consultation to select the music must be arranged at least three months prior to the wedding.

The Director of Music, Zach Bowyer, may be contacted at 980-265-2838.

Once the wedding date has been confirmed and placed on the church calendar, the Wedding Director, Adrienne Jaquith, will email the wedding couple.

The Wedding Director is appointed by the SMPC Worship Committee and in consultation with the officiating Minister, will be in charge of all rehearsal and wedding day arrangements. The Wedding Director will work with the wedding couple in coordinating all wedding activities held at SMPC. The Wedding Director will contact the wedding couple to discuss the wedding policies and answer questions. If the wedding couple chooses to engage an outside Wedding
Consultant in addition to the SMPC Wedding Director, the SMPC Wedding Director will have final authority regarding all decisions involving church wedding policy and facility usage. The Wedding Director or an appointed church representative must be present at, and direct, every rehearsal. The Minister and/or the Wedding Director are responsible for interpreting and applying the church’s policies for each wedding held at SMPC.

For weddings held in the sanctuary, the Wedding Director will schedule a SMPC Sound Technician. The Sound Technician will attend all rehearsals and the wedding, and will record the wedding ceremony on a DVD for the bridal couple.

SMPC is happy to be able to offer live streaming capabilities for your wedding, upon request, and the Wedding Director will engage the SMPC Director of  Communications to work through those logistics.

The Wedding Director, Adrienne Jaquith, may be contacted at 704-779-5550.

An authorized Sound Technician from SMPC will be provided for the rehearsal and wedding to run the sanctuary sound system which includes the lectern microphone and the microphone for the minister. A DVD recording of your wedding ceremony (if held in the sanctuary) will be made at no charge for the wedding couple.


  • Complete the Wedding Ceremony Request Form  and wait to receive the confirmation email from the Office Administrator, Mary Katheryne Zagora, that your requested date is available.
  • Do not print or finalize any plans until you receive this final confirmation email g your wedding date.
  • Read the SMPC Wedding Policy and Procedures and complete the electronic Acknowledgement Form (links to these two documents will be in the confirmation email from Mary Katheryne Zagora).
  • Pay the 50% deposit online at
  • Upon receipt of this signed electronic Acknowledgement, below, and the 50% deposit you will receive a welcome email from the Wedding Director, Adrienne Jaquith. This email will be sent within two weeks of receipt of the  Acknowledgement Form.
  • At least three months prior to your wedding, contact the Minister who will be officiating your wedding to schedule your wedding counseling.
  • At least three months prior to your wedding, contact the Director of Music, Zach Bowyer to schedule your musical consultation and identify any A/V needs.
  • Two months prior to your wedding, the Wedding Director will contact the wedding couple to schedule a consultation in the Sanctuary (if needed).

  • One month prior to your wedding, the Wedding Director will contact the wedding couple to confirm date/time, florist, guests, bridal party and seating arrangements.
  • One day prior to your wedding, bring wedding programs to the rehearsal along with any other supplies or decorations that will be needed for your wedding.



  • The Sanctuary may be used for large or small wedding ceremonies up to 420 guests.

  • Adjacent to the front of the sanctuary is a room reserved for the Wedding Party. The Parlor, located off the Narthex, is also reserved for use by the Wedding Party. These rooms will be available to the Wedding Party no more than two hours prior to the wedding.

  • The Chapel is available only for small weddings up to 40 guests. Up to two classrooms adjacent to the Chapel may be used by the Wedding Party.
  • The Wedding Couple has access to the reserved spaces within the church up to two hours prior to the wedding. No arrangements should be made to decorate, take pictures or receive vendors earlier than 2 hours prior to the wedding.

  • Hair and make-up should be done prior to arriving at the Church. Touch-ups may be done on the premises.

  • Weddings will not be scheduled at the Church on Sundays or on the following days:
    ○ New Year’s Day
    ○ Holy Week (beginning on the Saturday before Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday)
    ○ Independence Day
    ○ Thanksgiving Day
    ○ Christmas Eve
    ○ Christmas day

  • You are responsible for the safekeeping of your personal items. The church will not be liable for items lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any church buildings or on the church campus.


  • The Director of Music, has the authority to make decisions in the selection of wedding music. High standards of musical excellence and theological integrity apply to all music chosen for services at SMPC.

  • The Director of Music, or a musician approved by the Director of Music, shall play for all weddings.

  • A collection of wedding selections can be found on the website here: Please review these selections prior to your meeting with the Director of Music.
  • The Director of Music must approve all other musicians. Do not invite any guest soloists or instrumentalists to participate in your wedding until you have consulted with the Director of Music. If desired, the Director of Music can assist you in engaging additional musicians. Fees for the SMPC Director of Music are included in the base fee to reserve space. All other approved musicians will be paid by you directly.

  • Music for a church wedding typically consists of:
    o Instrumental prelude – played approximately 20 minutes before the hour of the service.
    o Processional music – played during entrance of the clergy and the wedding party.
    o Hymns – sung by the congregation during the service.
    o Recessional music – played as the wedding party exits the ceremony, approximately five to seven minutes (two to four minutes for smaller weddings).

  • A collection of wedding selections can be found on the website here: Please review these selections prior to your meeting with the Director of Music.

  • Camera lights and flash bulbs are not allowed during the wedding; NO flash photography should occur during the wedding ceremony.

  • No photography other than available light photos from the Sanctuary balcony or from behind the last pew on the floor will take place in the Sanctuary or Chapel during the ceremony.

  • Time exposure photographs may be made only from the rear of the sanctuary or chapel.

  • Video recording of the ceremony is only permitted via a stationary camera located in the rear of the Sanctuary, balcony or Chapel. The Wedding Director may ask any photographer or videographer who fails to abide by the policy, to leave the wedding ceremony.

  • Photos of the wedding party may be taken prior to or following the service. However, it is suggested that this time be limited to thirty minutes.

  • It is your responsibility to communicate these guidelines to your photographer, videographer and guests 


  • When scheduling your wedding, the date and hour of your rehearsal must be set in order to avoid a scheduling conflict. Weddings and rehearsals are scheduled on the church calendar and, if a change is requested after the Acknowledgement Form has been signed, a request must be sent to the Wedding Director in writing.

  • The wedding rehearsal should begin promptly at the scheduled time and proceed in a dignified and reverent manner. One hour allotted for rehearsal time.

  • The officiating Minister, the Wedding Director, the Director of Music and a Sound Technician will be present at the rehearsal. They are responsible for guiding you through the rehearsal and interpreting SMPC policies, as needed. While a wedding is a joyous occasion, the service takes place in a building dedicated to the worship of God. No rehearsal will be conducted when any wedding participant is clearly under the influence of any intoxicating substance.
  • Bring the Marriage License to the rehearsal.

  • Bring all wedding programs and other decorations to the rehearsal. The Wedding Director will ensure proper placement of any decorations prior to the ceremony.



  • Flowers and other decorations are not permitted on the Communion Table; all  furniture shall remain as is including the communion table and baptismal font. The minister chairs and small tables may be removed upon request to the Wedding Director 

  • Arrangements for the church to receive deliveries of flowers, etc. must be made through the Wedding Director and should occur no more than two hours prior to the wedding ceremony.

  • All flowers and decorations shall be removed from the building following the wedding ceremony unless special permission is given to postpone removal and cleaning to the following day.

  • The building must be left in the same condition in which it was found and suitable for the next planned church function. Any cleaning charges incurred by the church as a result of the wedding will be billed to the wedding couple.

  • If the wedding couple wishes to have their floral arrangement used the next day for Sunday worship services, they should notify the Wedding Director as soon as possible for acknowledgment in the Sunday service bulletin. If the date is available on the SMPC Flower Calendar, the floral arrangement will be used in the sanctuary.

  • No tape, tacks, pins, nails or glue can be used to fasten any decorations on pews, furniture or to the building. The couple is responsible for any damage done to the furniture and building that require repair or replacing.

  • For liability purposes, if real candles are used during the wedding ceremony, the candles must be enclosed in glass. Candles may not be placed in the aisles, walkways or high traffic areas. The Wedding Director has the final say in the placement of all candles in the sanctuary and chapel.

  • All furniture and floors must be protected against damage from water, wax, etc. Repair of any damage to the furniture and floors will be the responsibility of the florist or the wedding couple.

  • For safety reasons, the use of an aisle runner or rose petals is not permitted. Only bubbles or sparklers may be used outside; please refrain from using rice, birdseed or confetti anywhere on the church property.



  • The church does not print wedding bulletins/programs.

  • Final copies of the wedding bulletins/programs should be provided to the Wedding Director at the time of the Wedding Rehearsal.


Fees charged for weddings include amounts paid to the SMPC Wedding Director, the SMPC Director of Music, and the SMPC Sound Technician, and facility usage and cleaning costs. The wedding couple is responsible for amounts paid to additional musicians, outside wedding directors, and any other contractors hired for the event. The wedding couple may choose to provide an honorarium to the officiating SMPC Minister. Wedding Fees are:

Sanctuary (up to 420 guests):
Member Fee - $600
Non-member Fee - $800


Chapel (up to 40 guests):
Member Fee - $450
Non-member Fee - $650